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INTRODUCING DAY TIME WEEK DAY CLASSES! - Basic Rider Course Riding Academy

Some schedules do not allow for a full weekend to be spent on the range, whether it be the kids are home from school or your boss simply will not allow you to take a day off during the weekend, sometimes life just gets in the way! Well that will not hold you back from Riding Academy completion any longer! RRHD has heard your requests & we now offer two classes this year that will run during the day on week days only! Also, don't forget that Jack is available before you go in for your first class for one-on-one instruction, bike familiarization information, & sessions on the JumpStart! If you have any questions about the Week Day Courses, setting up 1-on-1 with Jack, or any other Riding Academy inquires call Jack Small @ RRHD during normal business hours 940-264-7743

Day Time Week Day Classes Available for 2020

May 11 & July 13 - Visit our Riding Academy Class Schedule to Sign Up for the Week Day Classes or any other Riding Academy Class via: