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Local H.O.G. Chapter Recognized by the H-D Motor Company

The Motor Company apologized that they could not be here in person to award us with our first place plaque (COVID WINS AGAIN 2020!) but despite them being unable to attend they voiced how very excited they are to join us at our local chapter meeting on November 14th via web cam! It is time to celebrate together as a chapter for our past year's accomplishment! To put it into perspective, we all know Texas is HUGE & the SW Region is HUGE so this was nothing to scoff at! Please join us for the monthly meeting & join in on the celebration! Same time, same place, but this special meeting will be on a video chat with a Harley-Davidson Rep who will be awarding us as a Chapter with our FIRST PLACE Mileage Award! 

In 2019 as a Chapter we finished FIRST in our region & our National Rank was 43 out of 552 Chapters! Not too shabby friends! Don't forget to turn in your miles! As of November we have accumulated 145,915 miles for 2020 & are Ranked 12 in the Region & Ranked 66 National! Way to go crew! We are still a little shy of finishing as strong as last year's numbers so if you have not turned in your miles lately get in here & do it! Let's make another record year in 2020!