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1-on-1 Training with Jack

If you are new to riding, sometimes one of the biggest anxieties when attending the Basic Rider Course is the sheer new-ness of riding & the fear of the unknown. Well, Jack recognizes this, and would love to give you the opportunity to address this before you show up for your first day! If you feel that it would be helpful to relieve some of those new rider pressures, we would like to invite you to contact Jack with Red River H-D Riding Academy for some one-on-one instruction! Come out & get familiarized with the motorcycle that you will be completing your course on, hop on the JumpStart to sit on a motorcycle that is strapped down & run through the gears without any worry to the road or balance as you are locked into position & your full attention can go to the clutch, or take one of the Street 500's out for a spin on the range with close instruction from our RRHD Riding Coach. Jack is available (at NO COST to you) Tuesday-Saturday for JumpStart Sessions or one-on-one coaching on our range here at RRHD. Contact Jack Small 940-264-7743 for more information!