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Cruising the Rainbow Road to Heaven with Our Beloved Grannie Annie

"There are no words to encompass what an amazing woman Maryanne Gilmore was to so many people in this world. Over her lifetime she has touched so many lives in a positive & unforgettable way. She was a Harley Grandma! (And proud RRHD H.O.G. member!) A writer. An artist. A wife of 71 years & loving mother...and put simply an all around badass! She was the glue for our family & took great pride in teaching us all - from children to grand children to great grandchildren to any stranger whom she met who quickly became family - what it meant & how important it is in life to love & CHERISH one another through her own actions of love & sharing her great wisdom with each and every one of us. She was never afraid to tell it like it is! (That's for sure!) She was brave, beautiful, & so very loving. There will never be another quite like Maryanne Gilmore...we will all miss you every second of every day & NEVER forget you Grandma. Rest In Peace. Love You Forever. 

Please honor her memory by always making an effort to be present, not just here, but present & truly cherish the opportunities we have in life with our family & friends to make memories & share love. Now just picture Grandma hopping on the back with Grandpa as she did on so many motorcycle trips over the years & with the biggest smile she raises her arms & proclaims "LET'S RIDE!" as they head off into the beautiful Texas painted skies! Tonight she painted that sunset...and if you happened to be outside around 5:30 you know it was absolutely breathtaking." - Bobbie Gilmore (Granddaughter, RRHD Service Writer, Lady of Harley badass taught by the BEST!)

To say that Maryanne enjoyed motorcycling was an understatement! On one trip, she and her husband Billy Joe logged 5,000 miles exploring the Northeast United States and Canada, joined by a cat named Tinkerbelle and a pup named Bea! In 1987 she became a Life Member of the Harley Owners Group, a group to which she proudly belonged & wrote our monthly newsletter for many years. With her encouragement & documentation she was extremely proud of the fact that our Red River H-D Chapter was the ONLY chapter to EVER complete the ABC's of Touring as a chapter! We were recognized in HOG Tales for this accomplishment! Another one of her her proudest accomplishments was writing the children’s Bible study guide “Cruising Through The Good Book With Grannie Annie“, a coloring book which has been used in churches & prisons across the country as well as Jamaica, New Zealand, Jerusalem and the Philippines & can still be purchased at Red River Harley-Davidson.  

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