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Happy ANNIVERSARY to the Owners of Red River Harley!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the owners of Red River Harley-Davidson! Jim & Vickie Gilmore celebrate 49 wonderful years together as they have been living the dream of running a family owned & operated Harley-Davidson dealership for over 36 years! What an absolutely AMAZING accomplishment! If you know them, there is no doubt that you have caught Vickie looking at Jim with loving eyes on many occasions as he cuts up & loves life so much! When you catch her glance at him & him back at her you can see they love each other just as much today as when they tied the knot way back when! They share that love with everyone they meet as they have continuously poured everything they've got into their Harley-Davidson dealership that is full of integrity, built on hard work, & has become a place for anyone & everyone who has a passion to ride to feel welcome! 

When my older brother & I were talking about how many years they have been married earlier today he laughed & said WHOA - that is a LONG TIME TO PUT UP WITH DAD!  We were blessed to grow up with THE best parents ANYONE could EVER ask for & WE APPLAUD THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENT! Not many people in this world can say 49 GREAT years spent together! - Bobbie Gilmore

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!