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Looking for Meaningful Causes & Great Cooks! RRHD Cook-Out Scheduling has BEGUN!

In 2022 we have decided to let some new groups & charities get in on the action for our Saturday RRHD Cook-Out's! How very exciting right!? What exactly does hosting entail? Well first off you need to run or be a part of a local group or charity that would use the donations earned from the day for a great cause! Some our past groups & charities have included local Veteran groups, local sports leagues/Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts/Girl Scouts/any programs that get kids outside, active, & teach values & teamwork, Yellow Rose Sertoma a ladies group that is involved in many different local charities, prison outreach programs, Senior Citizen Center groups, & many more! 

You will also need a volunteer who knows their way around a grill! We provide the burgers, hot dogs, & German sausage but it is up to you to grill it up & serve for the day! The grilled food comes with chips & a drink which are served for donations from 11-2. Then at the end of the cook-out your group or charity will take the donations earned to help with your cause! The better the cook, the better the donations! It is also optional for your group to bring other groceries such as cheese, veggies, desserts, etc. to encourage donations for your cause!

We also ask that your group advertises as much as possible through whatever ways possible. Make flyers, post on social media, call the local news...get the local community involved as much as possible because that is exactly why we host our annual Spring, Summer, & Fall RRHD Cook-Out's - to benefit our local community! We will post about our event with your group/charity info but it has been proven in the past, the more your group is willing to put in the work the more people who show up to donate for your cause! 

Are you excited? Do you have a great griller lined up? Then come see Ginger, Bobbie, or Royce to sign up for 2022! When you come out please be prepared! Have your group/charity info + 2 members who will be participating that are good contacts, be able to tell us a detailed description of where the money will go & how will it benefit our local community, have or be able to line up a cook prior to your day who knows their way around the grill & volunteers to help get the word out & serve the food at the Cook-Out, as well as be ready to choose three Saturday dates that would work for your group so that once we choose we can set the schedule. We also encourage groups to get creative! Groups of the past who had creative add-on's like bringing baked goods, shirts, hats, group merch, hold a silent auction, put together a motorcycle ride for the morning always seem to leave with more donations...get creative, bring a crowd that will stay for a tasty grilled treat & have a great time while supporting great local causes! RRHD Cook-Out's are every Saturday starting in March from 11 AM - 2 PM :) Hope to see you there!