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Ladies ONLY Riding Academy Class!

At Red River H-D we recognize that riding is a skill that is acquired through dedication and practice. It takes years of practice to become capable & confident when riding on two wheels. As we encourage everyone to ride, Red River H-D would like to take out some of the outside pressures for female riders new to the world of riding motorcycles. It can be intimidating when you first start out to be placed in a class with riders who have more experience than you. Not everyone had the opportunity at a young age to become familiar with riding. We understand that fact of life and we would like to help alleviate some of that anxiety of being placed in a class with men who have been riding an extended amount of time. 

Jack Small, one of our dedicated Red River H-D Riding Academy Coaches, has also made himself available for 1 on 1 instruction on our practice pad at no costs to you. That's right free of charge, Jack has volunteered his time and expertise for anyone who would like a little practice without the pressure of other riders on the course with you. We also have the Jumpstart available for anyone who would like to sit on the motorcycle used in the Riding Academy, the Street 500, set-up on a machine where the motorcycle is strapped down allowing only the rear wheel to spin so that you can run through the gears without having to give attention to anything else. 

If you are interested in taking the Ladies Only Riding Academy Class or would like more information on the JUMPSTART or 1 on 1 with Jack please don't hesitate to follow your dream of riding!! 


Jack Small - RRHD Riding Academy Coach during our normal RRHD business hours at 940-264-7743