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RRHD Cook Out

RRHD Cook Out


4514 Northwest Fwy
Wichita Falls
TX 76306

July 28, 2018 11:00AM - 2:00PM

This Saturday, July 28, the local Combat Vets will be the group that benefits from the donations earned from hamburgers & Windthorst German sausage served at the RRHD Cook Out. America is the Home of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave so please come out and show your respect & appreciation for those who have given so much so that we can enjoy the life of freedom that we lead today by giving generously to the Combat Vets for your delicious hamburger, German sausage, or Cajun sausage!

Everyone knows about our RRHD Saturday cook-outs during the spring, summer, and fall but did you also know that RRHD purchases all of the food and supplies that are donated? That’s right. The local charities simply have to show up. On top of that, 100% of the donations raised from the food served throughout the day goes back to their local charity. RRHD does not take a cut in any way, we truly want our local community to thrive, this is OUR community too, and we think this is a great way to get our fellow members involved. What better way to bring people together than food, drinks, and a love for MOTORCYCLES!?

To say that Red River Harley-Davidson® loves the local community is an understatement. Every employee of RRHD lives in Wichita Falls, Iowa Park, or the surrounding area, so it’s fair to say we all have a special interest in the local events RRHD puts on and we all go the extra mile to make them a success.

Last year over $15,000 was raised this year by 27 different charities during Red River Harley-Davidson’s® Saturday events. Although many charities participated, The American Legion Honor Guard raised the most for a single charity. They informed us they will use it to put over 800 wreaths on Veteran’s Graves in December. Thank you for your support to make this such a worth while endeavor. We truly love our local community! We are so proud to be a part of the Wichita Falls community and we encourage you to always keep it local!

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